Community Benefits  |  26 April 2019

Slough Urban Renewal (SUR) has sponsored the delivery of woodwork taster sessions to Year 11 pupils across five, Slough Secondary Schools as part of a programme to give local students an opportunity to gain valuable, hands on construction experience.

SUR worked alongside Slough Borough Council’s Young people’s service to identify students that would benefit from the taster sessions. The SATRO mobile classroom delivered the two hour woodwork taster sessions to groups of twelve, Year 11 pupils. Pupils learned to use basic hand tools and assembled parts to produce wooden clocks.

Ged Humphries, Training & Skills Co-Ordinator at SUR, said: “The sessions were hugely successful, and it was really rewarding to see the students taking so much from them. This was a new experience for most pupils, who explained they had not had an opportunity to use tools and make something like this before. The pupils were delighted with their finished articles, although many of the 15 year olds commented that they would give them to their grandmothers as not many young people read clock faces!”

Humphries added: “Opportunities such as these taster days can be so valuable. They provide an opportunity for students to re-engage and potentially discover skills they are interested in pursuing as a future career. In fact, one pupil has since been able to use his clock at an apprenticeship interview as an example of hand skills and production.”

Sessions took place at Westgate School, Langley Academy, Wexham Secondary, St Joseph’s Secondary and Ditton Park Academy.

SATRO mobile tutors work with mainstream secondary schools, PRU and youth organisations to teach construction to over 350 students annually, many of whom have been identified by their school as being at risk of becoming NEET. If you would like further information please email